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I see another ban following me




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Oooooh! You're soooo beautiful I wanna touch your hair!!!

   ”You can if you wanna die.”


I don’t get it either. Bankotsu isn’t a relationship guy—none of the shichinintai are. Plus, he tried to kill her, her friends and vice versa. Neither individual would be forgiven on either side. I can only see him having any sexual encounter with her or any woman in terms of rape or revenge.

I think a lot of girls ship it because Kagome is the easiest character to insert themselves into and they fantasize about it. Fanfics are just… weird to me.

I’m really glad I’m not the only one who isn’t in the loop of why it’s a ship. I keep finding fanart of it and I just can’t wrap my head around it. Most of it seems to be some twisted form of Stockholm syndrome? I guess? Ultimately, though, I can’t get behind it. 

Brings me back to Twilight, & wondering why girls would want to insert themselves into a situation like that 8T  It doesn’t seem healthy, to me. 

Despite what the random smut on my blog would have everyone believe, I have a hard time thinking of Bankotsu as a sexual creature at all? IDK. I have a hard time with him as a muse, hah. Ugh. W/e. I’m giving up on ever trying to see the ship from the other side, though. 

   Upon further investigation, I still don’t understand the bankags ship. Fanfiction has failed to shed any light upon the situation. HUM. 

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Send me a “Whoa!” for my character’s reaction to yours walking in on them while they’re changing.


   ”Would you quit y’er screaming? You’d think you’d never seen a man before-” Snorting, he thrust one arm through the sleeve, shooting Chou an icy glower.

   ”Shut up, or I’ll slit your throat. You’re annoying.”


Send in ⁇ for my muse’s reaction to walking in on yours while bathing


   ”Get out. I’m using this now.” He had all sorts of things stuck to his body that he didn’t want there. Blood, slime, perhaps bits of demon flesh.. what it was didn’t really matter, though. He just wanted it off before it dried and crusted there. The fact that some blonde chick was in the hot spring..? It didn’t really matter to him.

"What were you doing outside my room last night?"


   ”Walkin’ to the bathroom - geez, y’er so paranoid.”
Lies. Of course, Kouga didn’t need to know that.

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Your muse catches mine in the shower. What is your muse’s reaction?


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"Big brother! So you are alive!”

The grin that split across Bankotsu’s face was all but stretched from ear to ear, beaming and sparkling with mirth and glee.

"Yeah - for a while, I thought I was the only one…"

There was a falter, then - not in his smile, but in his eyes. A moment of grief and loneliness that passed quickly and subtly through him as he continued to grin and moved closer to his comrade, clapping his hands against his shoulders. 

"But obviously not! You don’t know how happy I am to see you. I’ve been so bored-!”

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